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    Get max value from your telecom copper network

    Using existing copper for the last mile to the subscriber’s home can help service providers get more ROI. New copper technologies such as G.fast—also known as FTTdp (fiber to the distribution point)—promise from 150 Mbps to gigabit speeds when nodes and cabinets are located 500 meters or less from the home.

    To realize these speeds, however, copper networks need to be in peak condition. That’s why network owners from around the world rely on our proven telecommunication copper solutions to help them with:

    • Maintenance—repair and enhancements of existing infrastructure
    • Upgrades—additions and replacement for cabinet/point of presence (POP) components
    • Transitions—“last meter” solutions that promote seamless communications between fiber and copper
    • Central office miniaturization and consolidation—cost-effective solutions that help reduce central office infrastructure for easier migration to smaller or remote shelters/containers

    At CommScope, we provide innovative solutions that can optimize and extend the life of your network. So, you can trust us to know what’s next.

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