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    Fiber Panels and Cassettes

    CommScope offers a full line of high-performing and high high-density fiber panels, modules and accessories for your data center, central office or headend. Pre-terminated MPO modules and MPO adapter panels provide plug-and-play fiber connectivity, enabling more network flexibility, faster deployment, and easier moves, adds and changes—which leads to higher reliability and reduced costs. Fiber TAP modules are also available. Fiber adapter/splice modules combine convenient high high-density termination and splicing capabilities. The combined portfolios and accessories offer best-in-class performance across all the product lines and include leading innovations such as:

    • ULL OM4, OM5 and Singlemode Distribution Modules for MPO-8, MPO-12 and MPO-24 offer maximum flexibility and configuration options with industry-leading performance
    • Ultra-High Density (UD) and High Density (HD) fiber panels offer increased LC and MPO densities utilizing modular building blocks. Also available in an Ultra-density splice (UDS) version.
    • High Density (HD) splice panels with multiple splicing options for G2 pigtail modules offer faster installation time and performance efficiencies
    • Enhanced High Density (EHD) panels offer the highest density per 1 RU and come with modular components and ULL connectivity to easily support network moves, adds and changes or upgrades
    • Standard Density (SD) fiber panels and splice cassettes provide optimal performance and accessibility
    • FPX is ideal for rack mounts, back-to-back mounting, and use in constrained spaces such as outside plant cabinets, huts, controlled environmental vaults (CEVs), and other customer premise applications
    • Modular Front Patching Systems are designed to meet the current and future challenges of customized, high-density FTTX deployments
    • Rapid Fiber panels serve as a key distribution point between the electronic equipment and the main optical distribution frame while offering unmatched savings in installation time, labor costs and performance

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