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    Welcome to the PartnerPRO® Network

    Local insight. Global expertise.

    As technology becomes more prolific and more capable, it also becomes more complex. The right partner can help simplify that complexity, but how do you find them? Join CommScope's new PartnerPRO Network.

    The right people, the right solutions: the right decision.

    The PartnerPRO Network matches customers who need help with the best solutions and the ideal partners. The network includes independent consultants, integrators, installers, distributors and industry alliances – all trained and certified to deliver CommScope's broad range of network solutions with superior service.

    PartnerPRO Customer Image
    "I'm looking for the right people"
    PartnerPRO Partner Image
    "I want to offer the right solutions"
    Get Started: Access useful resources
    • Find PartnerPRO Network services in your area
    • Join the PartnerPRO Network
    • Watch the PartnerPRO Network video
    ARRIS & Ruckus have joined CommScope
    • If you are an existing CommScope partner & wish to resell Ruckus wireless and wired solutions for the Enterprise business please apply here or contact ruckuschannel@commscope.com.
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    • If you are an existing CommScope partner & wish to resell ARRIS products please visit www.arris.com/channels, review the appropriate regional VAR Guidelines, and complete the online application.