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    Partner Locator

    Global Expertise. Local Insight. Find the Right People – Right Now.

    Members of PartnerPRO??Network are independent companies that provide implementation services and IT infrastructure solutions based on CommScope technologies for corporate, government, small and medium business customers.

    CommScope's PartnerPRO Network receives sales and marketing support, extensive technical training and support, access to product information, and direct communications to CommScope staff to help solve any network problem.

    Here are the ways to find the right partner:

    Go to the PartnerPRO Network Locator

    PartnerPRO Network Locator

    Use this locator to find partners authorized to install, design or integrate SYSTIMAX, NETCONNECT, UNIPRISE, imVision or In-Building Wireless solutions into your network infrastructure

    Find a partner

    Go to the Distributor Locator

    Distributor Locator

    Need pricing information or product availability? Use this locator to find an authorized Distributor of CommScope solutions in your area.

    Find a distributor

    Multi tenant data center Locator

    Multi tenant data center Locator

    Use this locator to learn more about CommScope’s MTDC partners & available sites in your area.

    Find an MTDC partner


    PartnerPRO? Network Brochure

    The CommScope PartnerPRO Portal (CPP) is where you can manage your partner account, submit opportunities and warranties, submit for project registration and access our Partner Knowledge database.