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    Extending Mobile Coverage in the Building

    With more than 80% of all mobile sessions occurring indoors, wireless coverage is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have.? To ensure our enterprise customers can optimize their indoor wireless experience, CommScope has developed two partner programs tailored to support different phases in the implementation process:

    In-Building Wireless Installer Partners

    CommScope authorized IBW Installer Partners are able to successfully design, commission, provide carrier coordination as well as optimize a CommScope IBW Solution. These partners also have the demonstrated ability to manage a project from start to finish- thus, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.? There are two levels of IBW Installer partners: Premier and Select.? All partners entering the program join as select partners.?? Premier partnership signifies that the partner has demonstrated their independent ability to deliver superior value to customers and generate new, mutually beneficial, customer opportunities.

    In-Building Wireless Sales Specialists

    Available to active SYSTIMAX? or UNIPRISE? Installer Partners in North America, IBW Sales Specialists are authorized to:

    • offer CommScope IBW solutions to enterprise customers
    • design and install the supporting physical layer infrastructure
    • provide solution pricing, and
    • install IBW hardware into the customer environment.

    Specialists will work with CommScope—or an IBW Installer Partner—for RF design, BOM Creation and system commissioning.

    Looking for PartnerPRO Network Services?
    CommScope's PartnerPRO Network

    Confirm whether your CommScope structured cabling partner is an authorized E-IBW sales specialist